Ways to turn the odds in your favor


We are all aware that gambling at a casino is more about luck than anything else. These places are designed to attract players and make them spend as much as possible. The odds are most often turned towards the house. There are certain tricks that might come handy in turning the odds in your favor, with any luck, the next biggest winner at the table could be you.

Let’s have a look at some of them,

Tip 1. Spot the weakest dealer

Unless you are at a highly professional casino, you can simply look out for a black jack dealer who is a little clumsy with their job. Chances of getting a glimpse of the black jack card face down would increase your odds of winning. Thanks to the weakness of the dealer.

Tip 2. Have eyes for the games only

The latest trend is to have skimpily dressed models to distract you from your game. This greatly increases the edge of the house over you. If you concentrate only on your game, you will probably notice the finer changes the house makes that turns the tables in their favour.

Tip 3. Even if you’re winning, stop

There are high chances on your first few rounds of roulette they will allow you to win. But never forget that the house has an advantage over the game. So, when you continue playing, chances of most of your chips going back to the house are high.

Tip 4. Worn out wheels give you an advantage

With natural wear and tear, the spinning wheel may turn wobbly or certain slots may get rougher than the rest. This makes the wheel favor certain numbers. When you are at such a table, choosing the favourable numbers can work in your favor.

These are a few simple tips that can increase the odd without even getting into the technical aspects of the game.