How To Limit Your Bets At A Casino

Playing at a casino can be a lot of fun and very addictive too. One may not realize the amount of money and time spent at a casino, due to the number of people playing and the energy level in the place.

Many people have lost more money than anticipated in casinos. Gambling is a serious addiction and can result in a lot of loss if not kept in check. If you are worried about crossing the line of gambling for fun, over to a serious addiction, here are a few steps to help you keep it in check.

Set Limit

The first and foremost step is to assess how much you can afford to spend on a casino on a regular basis. If you play online casino games, derive at an amount you can afford to spend on a daily basis. If you play it once in a while then derive at an amount you can spend per session.

This amount has to be derived at by reducing your regular expenses and savings from your monthly pay. With the disposable income left, you can decide what the ideal amount to be spent at a casino is every visit.

This will let you know what the exact amount of money you can spare and gamble with is. This ensures you don’t end up spending all the money thinking you have more.


Even if you are placing small bets, the frequency of your play can determine if you are just having fun or are addicted. Even if you are spending very little and your bets are not very large, you need to set a limit to the number of times you play such games in a week. This will help you realize when your gaming goes beyond the standard limit and turns into an addiction.

Transfer As Needed

Create a separate bank account for your gambling purpose. Now transfer only a little money to it on a regular basis. Once the money is over, it is an indication that you need to stop your gambling as you have crossed your limit that particular day. Though it may seem like an unnecessary process, in the long run, it can help you limit your spending, despite having a good run someday.

This can act as a reality check as when you run out of money in the account, you are forced to stop playing and return with whatever you have earned or lost. This can be very useful for those who tend to get carried away and don’t mind spending a little extra just because they are feeling lucky.

Going overboard with your spending when you are playing at a casino is extremely common. Since luck plays a major role in these games, one is not ready to accept luck didn’t favor them. Following the tips mentioned above can prevent you from spending too much on leisure.

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  1. It is difficult when a casino give free booze and the cash machine is in easy reach. Maybe alcohol should be illegal

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